Winston Yong Architects | Doncaster Townhouses I
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Doncaster Townhouses I

Located behind Melbourne’s busy Eastern Freeway, Doncaster Townhouses II is a project consisting of
three semi-detached townhouse style dwellings on a long, linearly arranged site.

With a change in level of four metres from front to back, the site was sloping along its
length and the brief from our client was quickly determined, with minimal cut-and-fill to be
carried out. This opportunity from our client allowed us to design the three dwellings,
stepping along the long sloping level change, each with two living rooms, four bedrooms,
three bathrooms and a powder room.

Our vision was to design each house in a modern architectural style with strong, solid forms
referencing the neighbourhood context facing onto the freeway. A series of intersecting
windows, framed by projecting metal frames, articulate each façade and allowed us to
capture distant views out while overcoming concerns of overlooking into neighbouring

Utilitarian and textural materials were used such as brick, cement sheet and timber cladding
to define the volumes and create interest in the façade.


Architecture, Town Planning