Winston Yong Architects | Doncaster Townhouses II
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Doncaster Townhouses II

Doncaster Townhouse I residential project, consisting of three, 4-bedroom townhouses on a challenging, irregularly shaped site.


The opportunity from our client came with the challenge of responding to dramatic falls across the site, with a 5.5m change in level from street front to the rear of the site.


We were able to make use of the steep level change to design multi-level communal and living spaces within the allowable height limit. This multi-level stepped approach allowed us to achieve two living areas, four bedrooms, four bathrooms and one powder room across each three-level dwelling. Through careful planning and the design of detailed screening elements to prevent overlooking into neighbouring properties, we were also able to capture and frame the distant views.


The three townhouses were designed as individual dwellings, with contemporary and modern forms, creating a balance between architecture and landscape which is strikingly presented at the street interface, while being respectful to the immediately surrounding houses.



Architecture, Town Planning